Automatic pool cleaners

One type of pool cleaner available is an automatic pool cleaner. We supply both Dolphin and Baracuda automatic cleaners.

  1. hayward magic clean

    Above Ground Pool Products & Accessories - Hayward 'Magic Clean' Automatic Cleaner

    • Hayward 'Magic Automatic Cleaner'
    • For ABOVE GROUND pools
    • Easy to install without tools
    • Simple and Efficient to use
    • Free Delivery included
  2. hayward pv50s cleaner

    Hayward PV50S Automatic Pool Cleaner

    • Advanced pod propulsion
    • Vacuum wings downdraft
    • Quiet, efficient operation
    • 12m of vacuum hoses
    • 5 Yr Warranty
  3. hayward dv5000 cleaner

    Hayward DV5000 Automatic Pool Suction Cleaner

    • Installs in minutes
    • Efficient Operation
    • Automatic Regulator Valve
    • Diaphragm technology
    • 2Yr Warranty