Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Swimming pool maintenance is required to preserve your pool, whether that is by using swimming pool cleaning products, pool brushes or leaf rakes. They each have an important function to ensure clean and sparkling water and have been designed to keep routine maintenance to a minimum.

  1. hayward pv50s cleaner

    Hayward PV50S Automatic Pool Cleaner

    • Advanced pod propulsion
    • Vacuum wings downdraft
    • Quiet, efficient operation
    • 12m of vacuum hoses
    • 5 Yr Warranty
  2. hayward dv5000 cleaner

    Hayward DV5000 Automatic Pool Suction Cleaner

    • Installs in minutes
    • Efficient Operation
    • Automatic Regulator Valve
    • Diaphragm technology
    • 2Yr Warranty