How to comply with the hosepipe ban

As of April 5th 2012 the first widespread hosepipe ban in more than 20 years was enforced, eliminating the right for households to water gardens, clean their windows and wash their cars using a hosepipe. The ban, imposed by Anglian Water has come after reports of the driest year since rainfall records started. It has been stated by Anglian Water that a hosepipe can use up to 1,000 litres of water in one hour, more than the average household uses in an entire day and if you breach the ban you could see a hefty fine of up to £1,000 come through your letter box.

Anglian Water commented: "We recruited 60 extra specialists to help us find and fix leaks, increased our leakage budget to £14 million and we have fixed 24,000 leaks since April 2011. We are investing over £9 million in schemes to secure our water resources in areas that have been impacted by the drought."
However, does this directly affect those who have commissioned a new swimming pool build?

Exemptions to the hosepipe ban

There are a number of exemptions to the hosepipe ban including filling a swimming pool with water as part of the construction of a new pool. Below you will find a number of guidelines to follow concerning your domestic swimming pool:

The Facts

  • A swimming pool company constructing a new pool is NOT prohibited from filling the pool as part of its construction
  • A swimming pool company is NOT prohibited from filling a pool as part of a refurbishment of an existing pool
  • The hosepipe ban will affect domestic water customers, but won't hit businesses
  • The public will not be able to fill up a swimming or paddling pool using a hosepipe

The hosepipe ban will commence of April 5th 2012 and failure to comply with the restrictions can result in a fine of up to £1,000. You will not be able to fill your existing swimming pool or a paddling pool with water, except by using a hand held container filled directly from a tap.

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