Preparing your pool for spring

As the days begin to warm up its time to get your pool ready for the spring season and make the murky waters of winter a distant memory. Now is the time to prepare your pool for the upcoming swimming season before the first splash is made.

At Cascade Pools we understand that the days you close and open a pool are some of most dreaded days for swimming pool owners, but with our guide below we believe you will have your pool up and running in no time.




Check existing equipment: Assuming your swimming pool equipment has been dormant over the winter months it’s advised that you check your swimming pool equipment to ensure operation remains quiet and leak free. It’s a lot easier and more cost effective if you repair damages at the early stages.

Check list

  • Check circulation system (Pump & Filter)
  • Check you have sufficient chemical stocks
  • Ensure testing equipment/reagents are in date/work

Test the water: Testing the water now will give you the time, if required, to drain and refill your pool. However, in the event of a hosepipe ban, it may be advisable to avoid emptying your pool. When testing the balance of your water you will need to measure pH levels, calcium and alkaline.


Cleaning Up


Remove any loose debris and clean off any contamination with a cleaner. Use a pool brush to remove anything that might be clinging to the walls of your swimming pool. A pool should be drained every three to five years and it’s advised that you acquire a swimming pool specialist to carry this out.

Check list

  • Remove any debris on the pool cover
  • Clean copings and surrounds
  • Clean the waterline with Tile & Liner Cleaner or Waterline Cleaning Paste




Shock/Oxidise the pool appropriately taking into consideration how effective the winterisation treatments have been and the overall state of the pool with the filter system 'on'. Choose an oxidiser (shock) that is compatible with your filter system and regularly shock your pool. The shock will oxidise any material that the chlorine has killed, whether it be skin cells, algae or bacteria.

If your pool has unfortunately gone green over the winter period, please see our helpful guide to help you tackle this green problem.

Once your pool is re-opened continue with your regular weekly maintenance routine to keep your water crystal clear throughout the summer.


Using these simple tips to get your pool ready for spring will ensure that the first day of reopening your pool is hassle free. By simply combating a big job and turning it into multiple small jobs you will be able to reduce the level of stress you would normally encounter if you were to tackle it full on. If you still have a few queries about the maintenance of your pool or would like to ask a question on preparing your pool ready for spring, please contact us on 01449 723656 or alternatively contact us using our online form.