Top essentials for your swimming pool holiday

Now the children are off on their six-week summer holidays and families across the country will be readying themselves to jet off for their summer breaks to recharge the batteries.

There’s nothing more satisfying than kicking back on your sun lounger by the swimming pool in the sunshine and listening to your children having fun in the water.

But it is important to be prepared for all eventualities so here are our favourite swimming pool essentials you should look to pack in your suitcases to make the most of your time at the pool or on the beach.

Inflatable rocker lounger

This unique inflatable swimline lounger is ideal for use in the swimming pool. With its adjustable recline position you can float around the pool on your lounger and let your cares simply drift away. All you need is to add some sunshine rays to soak up and away you go!

Inflatable baby spring float

The UK’s best-selling water float has now been made for little ones too with a spring float suitable for ages 9 – 24 months. With two extra-large floatation chambers for added stability and security this is a must-have purchase for parents looking to introduce their toddler to the water for the first time.

Aqua Handball game

Avoid the threat of bored children with this fantastic swimming pool Handball game. With 36” wide net and frame these easily-assembled goals are a great way to encourage you and your kids to have some light-hearted competition! With a good quality Handball included in the pack you are all set from the moment you enter the pool.

Dive sticks toys

This set of six brightly coloured sticks is a great game to encourage children to grow accustomed to diving underwater. Individually numbered for point scoring, this popular dive and retrieval game will keep kids entertained for ages as they dive deep in search of these weighted sticks that stand upright on the pool bottom ready to be collected!

Ride-on inflatable Centipede toy

Perfect for families with two or three children, this fun inflatable ride-on Centipede is suitable for ages 4+ and is great for both fun and fitness in the summer sunshine. They’ll have hours of fun leading this around the swimming pool. Feed their imagination with this paddle-driven toy.

The beauty of inflatables and small swimming pool toys is that they can be packed away neatly within the confines of a suitcase and inflated as quickly as they are stored!

Swimming pools should be treated with respect, especially with little ones around, but there’s nothing stopping you and your kids making a splash and creating summer memories that will last forever.

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