Swimming Pool Chemicals - Total Alkalinity Reducer

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  • TA Reducer Liquid
  • For decreasing Total Alkalinity
  • Sold in 5 litre containers
  • This product will not increase sulphate levels

Total alkalinity is a measure of the total alkaline substances found in the pool water. For swimming pool purposes we usually determine the carbonate content of the water by measuring the level of calcium carbonate. Total Alkalinity, or TA, should usually be kept at 80 - 120 ppm, though in high alkalinity waters this is often hard to achieve without resulting in an abnormally low pH. High Total Alkalinity The results of high TA may be one or more of the following: pH keeps going up despite regular addition of pH Minus, cloudy water, burning eyes and itchy skin or reduced chlorine efficiency resulting in algae growth.

  • TA Reducer Liquid
  • Available in 5 litre containers
  • This product will not increase sulphate levels
  • Total Alkalinity: The measure of the water's ability to resist the pH change
  • Ideal range: 80-150mg/l (ppm)
  • This product is for decreasing total alkalinity 
  • High Total Alkalinity will make it difficult to adjust pH and will cause high pH and bicarbonate scale
  • Application Instructions: This product should be carefully 'slug' dosed into the deep end of the pool with the pump(s) running. If large quantities are required it may be necessary to apply over a number of days while testing the total alkalinity between each application. After completing the treatment, test and adjust the pH level if necessary.
  • Important - This product should be handled with care. It is advised you wear goggles, gloves and mask respirator.  
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