Reels & accessories

Swimming pool reels enable pool covers to easily be placed over your pool. The reels available are electric, solar powered and manual.

  1. Commander reel system

    Swimming Pool Products & Accessories - Commander Domestic Swimming Pool Reel System

    • Economy Reel System 
    • Telescopic tube upto 18ft
    • Cover to roller attachment
    • Free Delivery included
    from £369.00
  2. Universal Reel System

    Universal Domestic Reel System

    • Universal (Stronger) Reel System
    • Welded End Stands
    • One piece rigid tubes available
    • Free Delivery on telescopic tubes
    from £480.00
  3. Electrolyte Domestic Electric Reel System

    Electrolyte Domestic Battery Operated Reel System

    • 12v D.C Battery powered Reel System
    • Portable transfer power pack
    • Key Switch operation
    • Free Delivery on this product
    from £2,075.00
  4. Kryptonite Domestic Electric Reel System

    Kryptonite Domestic Electric Reel System

    • Electric Reel System
    • Key Switch or Remote option
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Telescopic or rigid tube
    from £1,570.00