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With the hosepipe ban now in full swing we’re aware that many pool owners are looking for new and innovative ways to save water and prevent any disruption that this ban could have on the swimming season. At Cascade Pools we understand your frustration regarding the ban and your desire to adhere to it. To help you prolong your swimming season while saving water we have just launched two specialists filters, Back Wash and MultiCyclone centrifugal water filtration.

The hosepipe ban
The hosepipe ban, which came into effect on 5th April, eliminates the right for households to use a hosepipe in any domestic circumstances, including the additional water top up procedure after backwashing needed to refill an existing swimming pool. To help you understand the effects that this ban has we have a guide on How to comply with the hosepipe ban.

MultiCyclone centrifugal water filtration

The affordable and eco-friendly MultiCyclone filter is set to revolutionise the swimming pool filtration and water treatment industry. Not only is the MultiCyclone able to reduce your swimming pool’s water consumption it can also minimise filter maintenance.

How it works
It works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration, guiding incoming water by a diverter plate through to multiple hydro cyclones tangentially, which in turn generates a strong centrifugal effect
While in the hydro cyclone, 80% of your pool’s dirt will spiral down into the sediment sump, while cleansed water will move upwards and back into the swimming pool
The filter works together with a sand, cartridge or DE filter to polish the water
Easy to care for with no moving parts that will experience wear and tear and no filter media that will require cleaning or replacing
Clean the MultiCyclone’s clear sediment sump by opening the purge valve (approx. just 1 bucket of water)

Back Wash Water Saver

Dirt that is flushed out from the sand filter during the back washing process will be caught by this cartridge filter, whilst redirecting the water that is usually wasted back into the pool.

Installation instructions
The 50sqft filter is pre fitted with two 1.5” hose tails with one side fitted with a 3m length flexible hose. This hose should be used to connect up to your present sand filter using the jubilee clips that are provided
To redirect water back into the pool please use your own back wash hose • Place the filter next to your sand filter in the plant room
The filter element must be replaced (part number is C4950) after six to eight back wash cycles
To prevent the blocking of your sand filter thus reducing the need for a back wash cycle the kit also comes supplied with skimmer socks
Clean the filter element with a suitable cleaner between back washes
Use this device as a temporary measure until the ban permits as the introduction of fresh water in the pool is required
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