From our technical experts

Spas and hot tubs are a great source of entertainment throughout the summer, for the whole family. They also have many health benefits, including reducing stress and relaxing muscles, as well as soothing aching joints. However, there are some safety precautions that you should follow.

If you are going to take drinks and snacks into the hot tub, make sure they are not in glass containers. We have an ideal solution, our spa bar, which can either be clipped onto the outside of the spa or can float on he water, enabling both drinks and snacks to be kept inside.

Consuming large quantities of alcohol while using the hot tub is not recommended, due to the fact that alcohol can make you light headed by diluting the blood vessels and raising your blood temperature. This can result in severe dizziness when getting out of the water.

The surfaces in and around the spa are smooth, so can be slippery when wet, therefore, care should be taken when getting in and out. Spas are usually designed with flat surfaces that enable users to step in safely. To reduce the chances of slipping, consider installing a non-slip surface or decking around your hot tub.

Make sure children are not left unsupervised in or around your hot tub. To raise your children up whilst in the spa, use inflatable waterproof booster seats.

The temperature of the spa is important, it is recommended not to have it above 40°C. The hot temperatures lower blood pressure and can cause light-headedness, so be careful when standing up and exiting the hot tub.

Children are more sensitive to these effects of hot water, so it is recommended that their water temperature should not exceed 30°C.

It is advised that pregnant women avoid using the spa due to the temperature of the water, which can increase the body’s core temperature and can be dangerous for the developing baby.

Hot tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria. It important to regularly use chemicals to keep the water correctly balanced, keep filters free of debris and clean the surface areas with surface cleaner and brushes. Keep your hot tub covered to avoid debris from falling in and contaminating the water. If debris is found in the spa, nets are an easy way of removing this. Also, to reduce the amount of dirt getting into the water, we recommend rinsing your feet in a bowl before climbing in.

When using hot tub chemicals, make sure you do not mix them and add the chemicals to the water instead of adding the water to them. Additionally, make sure they are kept out of the reach of children and in a cool, dry environment.